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Community Tools and Resources

There are a multitude of tools and services available to help with the creation, implementation, and consumption of GBFS. Below is an extensive, although by no means exhaustive, list of tools and services.


Third Party GBFS URL Directories

  • Bike Share Research: BSR aims to facilitate the curation of bikeshare service data through collaborative and open data platforms while making it API accessible.
  • Lamassu: Mobility aggregation service. Maintained by Entur.

Proprietary (non-standard) Vendor APIs

  • CityBikes: REST API for aggregated bikeshare data from around the world. Powered by pyBikes.
  • fluctuo Data Flow: Realtime vehicles location API. Exhaustive and reliable standardized data on free-floating mobility services available in real-time.

Software for Creating APIs

  • lamassu: GBFS aggregation service, which aggregates, optionally enhances, and republishes any number of GBFS feeds. Also, provides a GraphQL API and performs on-the-fly validation.

  • mapintelligenceagency/gbfsQL: Wraps any number of GBFS feeds into an easily consumable GraphQL API. Merges relevant feeds and supports real-time updates for clients via Websockets/GraphQL Subscriptions.

  • OneBusAway: A Java app that consumes GTFS and GTFS-Realtime (along with other formats) and turns them into an easy to use REST API.

  • OpenTripPlanner: An open source platform for multi-modal and multi-agency journey planning, as well as returning information about a multi-modal graph (using data sources such as GTFS and OpenStreetMap).

  • pyBikes: Software powering CityBikes for worldwide bikeshare system info.


Web Apps

  • Bikeshare Map: Global real-time maps of bikeshare systems around the world.
  • Meddin Bike-sharing World Map: A map of the world's bike share services.
  • CityMapper Webapp: Webapp with trip planner and route status for over 30 cities.
  • OpenTripPlanner Client GWT: A Google Web Toolkit-based web interface for OpenTripPlanner.
  • OpenTripPlanner.json: A Javascript-based client for OpenTripPlanner.
  • 1-Click: A virtual “trip aggregator” that assembles information on a wide variety of available modes: public transit, private, rail, rideshare, carpool, volunteer, paratransit, and walking and baking. Open-source on GitHub.

Native Apps (open source)

Native Apps (closed source)



Language bindings for GBFS

  • Java: GBFS types in Java. Maintained by Entur.
  • Rust: GBFS types in Rust. Maintained by Fluctuo.
  • R: GBFS types in R.


  • BikeshareClient: dotnet client for GBFS written in C#. Enables dotnet developers to create apps and services using data from GBFS Bikeshare systems.
  • Java Version Mapper: Java implementation of mapping between different versions of GBFS (bidirectional). Maintained by Entur.
  • Java Feed Loader: Java implementation to manage loading of GBFS feeds and updating them based on their ttl and last_updated fields. Maintained by Entur.


  • Go Validator: Go implementation of client, server and validator for GBFS
  • Java Validator: Java implementation of validator for GBFS. Maintained by Entur.
  • npm: Javascript package of the gbfs-validator. Maintained by Entur.

Other Multimodal Data Formats